Business Process Management

Holistic view across all towers

  • Process goal identification and alignment with organization goals
  • Business process identification and activity definition
  • “As is” and “to be” workflow modeling
  • Process metrics and indicators
  • Translation to solution requirements
  • Facilitation
  • Useful input for BPM tool configuration

Enterprise Business Analysis

  • Determine needs and capabilities across the organization
  • Stakeholder agreement on problems to be solved
  • Useful input to business case and business requirements
  • Process and workflow modeling – used to determine needs, models reused for business requirements
  • Stakeholder analysis

Business Requirements

Useful lightweight artifacts for agile or traditional development

  • Process goal identification and alignment with organization goals
  • Product selection criteria
  • Functional and non-functional requirements
  • Business Domain Models
  • Business Process Models
  • Use cases and user stories
  • Wireframes
  • Data requirements
  • Business rules
  • Requirements Packaging

Product Vision

Define the vision, gather the coalition, and move forward purposefully and informed

  • Problem statements
  • Product vision documents
  • Business need identification
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Product capabilities
  • Road maps

Business Intelligence & Analytics

  • Data Analysis
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Online analytical processing requirements
  • Alerts

Business Cases

Effectively justify investments to deliver value

  • Financial justification
  • Business plans
  • Buy vs. build analysis
  • Risk assessments

Business Architechture

Align goals and strategy with implementation

  • Capability mapping
  • Value stream activity identificaiton and modeling
  • Business strategy